Your partner in pet food excellence.


Our philosophy is simple: Quality, reliability and safety are key ingredients when it comes to pet food manufacturing.

As a leading developer and reliable contract producer of premium and super-premium pet foods for U.S. and international markets, BrightPet Nutrition Group elevates what people everywhere feed their pets. Our partners trust and share this philosophy. 


Confidence is about trust.


We specialize in custom formulation and custom label (OEM). Every recipe we deliver is a new opportunity to earn consumer, retailer and industry trust. Our thorough cooking process creates a higher starch conversion, which can lead to increased stamina and energy. Organic, natural and holistic recipes are well within our capabilities. We keep more than 150 different ingredients on-hand and export product to more than 25 countries around the world.


Quality is a tradition.


Our commitment to quality pet foods spans three generations. The continued success of our own Blackwood®, Adirondack® and Makin’ Trax™ brands is due in large part to a time-honored family tradition. We slow-cook our recipes in small batches to create nutritionally complete formulas that are appetizing and easy for pets to digest.



Partner with trusted category leaders improving the standards for pet food everywhere.